Success isn’t just about to achieve goals

but also the good feelings we have while we are on that journey.

It’s not easy for employees! Show that you understand them, give them support.

Care for the well-being of employees contributes to the organization:

  • increasing employee loyalty and satisfaction
  • increasing team synergy
  • reducing escalation within the team
  • creating a more pleasant working space through applicating of acquired skills in the work environment

The program can contribute to employees:

  • getting to know yourself and your potential
  • improving your mental health
  • improving the way, we manage emotionsand stress
  • better general functioning
  • long-term solutions that develop responsibility
  • clearly stated expectations, rules and boundaries
  • building a relationship of mutual respect
  • learning skills that are used throughout life
  • increasing self-confidence to solve problematic situations
  • development of empathy, self-respect and respect for others



During individual work with the client, we work on the problems/doubts raised by the parent.


Workshops lasting 1-2 hours, tailored to your needs on topics you recognize as necessary.

They can be online, live or pre-recorded.

Example topics:

  • Balance of work and private life – How to be a good parent and a good employee at the same time?
  • School from home – How to support children while “online” classes are going on, and you have online meetings?
  • Imperfect Parenting – Being imperfect is brave
  • Developmental stages of children – How to raise a child in accordance with current developmental needs?
  • Is it a parent’s job to make children happy?
  • How to teach a child to learn from his/her mistakes?


Duration: 4x4h (subject to adjustment to the specific group)

I workshop

  • What do you want for your child?
  • Questions of curiosity
  • Hugs
  • Connectivity before correction

II workshop

  • Gentle and strict
  • Development of children’s brain
  • Encouragement vs. praise
  • Empowerment vs. enablement

III workshop

  • Beliefs behind behaviour
  • A graph of mistaken goals
  • Birth order and rivalry
  • It is not your job to make your children happy

IV workshop

  • Why do children misbehave?
  • Decisions about childhood
  • Family meetings and life priorities
  • Mistakes as learning opportunities
Education compass – more information…


Confidential telephone conversations with our psychological advisors, psychotherapists, coaches are an additional benefit for employees. 


Topics we can go through with employees can be from any life context (family, kids, partners and relationships, stress, productivity, working dilemmas).


Together we create strategy how this benefit can be applicable to employees and effect of it can be best possible.


It is usual for the telephone line to be open 3 hours/day, Monday – Friday. We can certainly agree on a shorter or longer engagement.



Duration: 2×1 hour per month

Method: online or live

Individual work is adapted to the goals, needs and topics of each individual in the program.



Duration: 2x3h monthly

Method: online or live

Team sessions are based on the concepts of Transactional Analysis and are aimed at strengthening the potential of each team member  and the team as a functional unit with a focus on understanding and support. 

The team as a whole defines the key areas of work.

Working program with team can be:

  • Improving team dysfunctionalities
  • Managing acute or chronic stress
  • Improving team communication and team satisfaction