Do you want to have high productivity and motivated employees?

The Rent-a-HR concept supports you in achieving your business goals through:

  • managing the right people in the right places
  • choosing right candidates and filling out open positions
  • adjusting job description, authorizations and responsibilities with real situation
  • introducing a system for employee performance evaluation
  • introducing a system for motivation and reward
  • planning and implementation of developing programs (training, coaching)
  • finding and training internal HR

The Rent an HR program is for your organization if you:

  • want to develop people
  • believe that you cannot achieve business goals without people
  • think the right people should be on the right place
  • want win-win relationship with employees

Results are possible if:

  • you (want to) have clear goal
  • you take responsibility for the degree of involvement
  • consultants get to know your organization, your business, your goals and vision well
  • you have confidence in consultants

Rent-a-HR options:

Diagnosing is for you if you want to change something in your organization. You get a detailed analysis of the state of the organization with specific suggestions for improvement.

If you don’t want to change anything, it’s better not to spend money on diagnostics.

We provide support to clients in finding adequate candidates.


  • Serbia
  • Europe
  • USA
  • Latin America

*English speaking countries

The program is for:

  • proactive organizations that want to have an HR function

The program enables:

  • finding internal HR
  • training and mentoring of internal HR
  • creation of HR department and establishment of all HR processes, regulations and procedures

Duration: minimum 6 months.

If you are not sure whether you need HR services in the long term, we create projects in accordance with your business goals:

  • selecting the right personnel and filling open positions
  • measuring employee satisfaction
  • measuring employee engagement
  • employee development assessments
  • video lessons just for your organization
  • trainings for employees and management
  • right people to the right places
  • harmonization of job descriptions, authorizations and responsibilities with the real situation
  • introducing a system for employee performance evaluation
  • introducing a system for motivation and reward
  • planning and implementation of development programs (training, coaching)

Please contact us for additional information.

We do employee evaluations in situations when:

  • you want to make sure the right people are in the right places
  • plan development programs for key people
  • in coaching process with leaders
  • there is a need to improve communication and conflict resolution
  • for recognizing talents into your organization

Depending on the goal, we choose the evaluation methodology:

OPTION 1. – PCM (Proccess Communication Model)

Time to fill out the questionnaire: about 30 min

Mostly used for: coaching and team conflicts

Key benefits: Assessment provides you with clear guidelines on what you need to do to improve communication with others and how to recognize when you are sabotaging yourself. A detailed analysis of the in-depth personality structure allows you to better understand what drives you, what your dominant needs are, what brings you into a state of stress and how to prevent it, which is why you easily come into conflict with certain people when they are others easy to work with.


Time to fill out the questionnaire: about 20 min

Mostly used for: the right people in the right place, communication and team conflicts

Key benefits: NBI is the result of 30 years of research on the functions of the left and right brain hemispheres by Dr. Kobus Neethling. You will be able to better understand and present yourself, better manage your goals, better manage your team, better understand others, as well as others understand you better, improve communication and interaction with everyone in your environment, make a better choice of further training.

OPTION 3. – One Assessment

Time to fill out the questionnaire: about 60-90 min

Mostly used for: the right people in the right place, for communication and team conflicts

Key benefits: a comprehensive understanding of the persons competencies, character traits, motivational factors, team roles, abilities, leadership style, as well as team dynamics (motivational factors of the team, the values that the team lives, the way the team manages conflicts, the ways the team manages stress, ways in which team members function in mutual cooperation, ways in which the team approaches new tasks, team roles of team members, potential team dysfunctionality…)
mogućnost izrade izveštaja o timskoj dinamici (motivacioni faktori tima, vrednosti koje tim živi, način na koji tim upravlja konfliktima, načini na koje tim upravlja stresom, načini na koje članovi tima funckionišu u međusobnoj saradnji, načini na koje tim pristupa novim zadacima, timske uloge članova tima, potencijalne disfunkcionalnosti tima…)

OPTION 4. – 360-degree competency

Time to fill out the questionnaire: about 15 min per person

Mostly used for: creating development plans and programs (training, coaching)

Key benefits: a more objective picture of competence development, i.e. we enable a full round (360 degree) assessment because the questionnaire for the same person is filled out by several independent assessors as well as by the person himself/herself.

Feedback conversation
By summarizing the collected data, certified consultants conduct the feedback interviews with each individual and define plans for further development.

Duration: 30 to 60 min / person

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